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The Acceptable English Proficiency Test

To apply for the R4Ent course, you have to send the additional document to us via email. One of them is the English Proficiency Test. In this blog, we will introduce what our acceptable English score is and how you will get it.

The R4Ent accepts the English score from these 3 places: CU TEP, TOEFL, and IELTS (only IELTS Academic). All of these have their own format and differ in date, time, and place. So, the R4Ent team has compiled each test format and the test schedule for 2023 for you. For those who don't have an English score yet, don’t forget to check out this blog!

What is CU TEP?

CU TEP (Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency) is the English Proficiency Test for Education at Chulalongkorn University. This test can be used in preparing for pursuing a bachelor's degree, a master’s degree, or a doctoral degree, as well as applying for jobs in both the public and private sectors. The total score is 120 points, with three parts to the exam: listening, reading, and writing. If you want to get a speaking score, CU TEP also has a speaking test called CU Speaking, but in this course, CU Speaking doesn’t need to.

How to Register?

  1. Enter this website to log in for online registration:

  2. Complete your profile.

  3. Select the "Registration" menu and choose the test venue, test round, and test date.

  4. Print the payment slip and deposit it in the designated channel on the specified date.

  5. By 10:00 a.m. the next day, check the payment status in the system.

  6. Recheck the test venue 5 days before the test day.

  7. Be ready to take a test!

Test Schedule

(Examination time: 8:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m.)

Test Dates

Registration Period

25 Feb 23

9 - 15 Feb 23

11 Mar 23

22 - 28 Feb 23

25 Mar 23

9 - 15 Mar 23

8 Apr 23

23 - 29 Mar 23

22 Apr 23

6 - 12 Apr 23

13 May 23

1 - 7 May 23

For more information:


What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an English Proficiency Test from Education Testing Service (ETS) that is suitable for students, English teachers, and people who are applying for jobs in foreign companies.

There are 2 types of TOEFL.

  1. TOEFL iBT (TOEFL Internet-based Test), the most popular test, has a high acceptance rate in the world. There are four parts to this type: listening, reading, writing, and speaking, with a total score of 120. The content is almost all about the knowledge that you use in the classroom. This type is more suitable for the student.

  2. TOEFL ITP (TOEFL Institutional Testing Program) is the educational institution using the exam from ETS to take their own test. The content of this type is about academics and English in daily life. There are only three parts: listening, structure and written expression, and reading, with a total score of 667.

For this course, BOTH TOEFL iBT and TOEFL ITP are acceptable.

How to register?


  1. Follow this link:

  2. Select "ETS Account."

    1. If you already have an account, complete the username and password to login.

    2. If you have never had an account before, select "Create an Account," enter your personal details, and then log in.

  3. Choose the testing place.

    1. If you want to take an exam at the testing center, select "Test Center."

    2. If you want to take an exam at home, select "Home Edition."

  4. Choose a test date, a test time, and a test venue.

  5. Complete your profile.

  6. Pay the testing fee.

  7. Be ready to take a test!


  1. Searching for the institute that had an agreement with the Institute of International Education (IIE) to be an authorized TOEFL ITP testing center.

  2. Choose the testing institute and your convenient test venue.

  3. Read their terms and conditions before registering in their online system.

  4. Pay the testing fee.

  5. Be ready to take a test!

Test Schedule

Depends on each testing center.

For more information:


What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most popular English Proficiency Tests for education, employment, and immigration. There are 2 types of IELTS for different purposes.

  1. IELTS Academic is suitable for not only pursuing a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a doctoral degree but also for working at the professional level.

  2. IELTS General Training is about basic English and English in daily life. This is suitable for enrolling in a company and for immigration.

Both of these have four parts: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Listening and speaking are not mutually different. For this course, only IELTS Academic is acceptable.

How to register?

There are two test center institutions, the IDP and the British Council, both of which have many test venues to choose from.


  1. Follow this link:

  2. Select "Registration for the IELTS test."

  3. Choose the test country, province, and testing type.

  4. Choose the test venue and the test date.

  5. Complete the information and upload the required documentation.

  6. Confirm the test date and test details.

  7. Pay the testing fee within 24 hours.

  8. After the payment is successful, you will get the payment confirmation via email.

  9. Be ready to take a test!

For British Council

  1. Follow this link:

  2. Select "IELTS Academic."

  3. Choose the test country and test center.

  4. Select "Show me all dates" for the test date, then click "Search for test."

  5. Choose the test date and start booking.

  6. Fill out your personal information.

  7. Confirm the test details.

  8. Pay the testing fee.

  9. After the payment is successful, you will get the payment confirmation via email.

  10. Be ready to take a test!

Test Schedule

Depends on each testing center.


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